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The Change Elixir

Exploring  new ways to approach and navigate change

There is nothing permanent but change

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Inception of the Change Elixir

Most of us have never experienced change on the scale we did in the last 18 months. Nearly every aspect of our lives were impacted - health and wellness, family, friendships, work and everyday activities. The changes were ubiquitous and constant.  Though I have a career built on leading transformation for organizations, I began to think more about the nuances of change.  Do our experiences with change differ because of our personalities? Our circumstances? Is the journey dependent on how much control we have over the change? What makes change feel destabilizing or terrifying to some while others feel invigorated or excited by it? Do groups process change in the same way as individuals? 

I'll explore these and other aspects of change in The Change Elixir.


Thanks - Jenny Potter 

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Starting With The Basics

Change is a broad topic to say the least.  To have a meaningful dialogue we need a common view of the playing field. So, let's start at the beginning....

Change Mentalities

Image by Todd Quackenbush

We all react to change in very different ways. Some of us resist it, while others thrive on it. Whether we're embarking on a personal or organizational change, understanding how we and those around us process change can be a great first step to a positive journey. 

Role of the Leader

It's often thought that leaders are at the front, blazing a trail that others can follow. When it comes to change maybe there are other important aspects of leadership that need to be put into play. 

It's ALL About People

Group Bonding

This many seem obvious, but successful change is wholly dependent on people. It requires everyone involved, from the idea maker to the adopter, to get on the train.  Do you know who needs to be on your train and why they want a ticket?

Insights and Inspiration

"The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude." 


-Oprah Winfrey

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