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Jenny Potter

My Story

 A personal life spanning four cities and two continents plus a career as a transformation consult has given me a lot of exposure to change. Personally I've found change both inspiring and challenging, sometimes simultaneously. I've worked with hundreds of people across dozens of change programs and can tell you that no two people process change in the same way. 

This blog is a reflection of both my personal and professional experiences, lessons that I've gleaned (and learned the hard way) regarding change. It's my way to share observations and thoughts on managing change that I've gathered from the last two decades and am still learning everyday. It's an exploration of the topic and another personal change journey I'm embarking on.  

My Background 

I love helping organizations connect vision & strategy with operations & reality. I have 18 years of strategy and transformation experience ranging from work with large multi-national corporations to local non-profits. My passion is for working with people to solve complex problems and deliver a positive, tangible impact. 


I received a BA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and then took part in a fellowship program at the Mario Negri Sud, Italy where I jointly studied Italian and communications. I later received a Masters of Technology Management from the University of Denver.  ​In the last 5 years I've complete two leadership training courses from Learning as Leadership and an International Public Management certificate from Cornell.


People are the heart and engine of all change.  I take a people centered approach to all of my transformation work. Change is only successful and sustainable if those involved are invested in the outcomes. This means understanding the dynamics and drivers of all stakeholders, while working to build an agile, transparent and engaged team.    

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